Welcome to EthoSearch, a searchable database of peer reviewed and educational ethograms.

EthoSearch was created to provide broad access to ethograms, encourage standardized terminology within ethograms, and encourage use of peer reviewed ethograms by scientists, zoo and aquarium professionals, students and educators. The site allows users to search by species (taxon) , behaviors, or terminology.

Research Track

  • Browse Existing Ethograms
  • Contribute to the Database
  • Advanced Search

Education Track

  • Learn about ethograms
  • View sample datasheets
  • Create ethogram datasheets

The goals of EthoSearch are:


Share Scientific Information

The site is centered around a searchable database of scholarly and educational ethograms from multiple sources.


Serve as a Resource For:

Zoo and Aquarium Professionals

The site will facilitate rigorous, quantitative behavioral research to enhance the capacity of zoos and aquariums to engage in collaborative, multi-institutional behavioral research.

Behavioral Scientists

The site will advance behavioral research and promote collaboration by providing access to ethograms from peer reviewed publications, development and addition of new ethograms, comparison of ethograms, and the ability to search on operational and functional terminology.

Students and Educators

The site will support facilitation of design and use of ethograms in science education at all grade levels from K-12 through graduate school.


Provide A Standardized Framework for Ethogram Development

The site provides a standardized framework into which all ethograms can ultimately fit.


Create a Repository for New Ethograms

The site will maintain the ability to expand through the addition of new ethograms to the database.